News from the Neurological Council

The Neurological Council of WA hosted the newly convened Neurological NGO Leaders Forum in February, bringing together CEOs and Executive Leaders of community neurological organisations, to explore ways to reduce the impact and burden of neurological disorders on individuals, families, carers, society, and the health, aged, disability and justice systems.

As a united sector, the organisations will proactively work with government, NGOs and health professionals to improve the care, recovery, well-being and participation of people living with neurological disorders across the life course and reduce associated mortality morbidity and disability.

With thanks to ADHD WA CEO, Antonella Segre, for her insightful presentation and to the following organisations for their valuable input:
ADHD WA | Brightwater Care Group | Encephalitis WA | Epilepsy WA | FASDHubWA | Parkinson’s WA | Motor Neurone Disease Association of WA | Muscular Dystrophy WA | MSWA |Telethon Kids Institute | Neurofibromatosis WA | Synapse – Australia’s Brain Injury Organisation | Trigeminal Neuralgia WA.

If you lead a neurological not-for-profit or peer support group and would like information on future Forum’s or events, please email

Brain Awareness Week runs from, 13 – 19 March 2023 and is a global brain health campaign that drives awareness around vital brain research and the importance of looking after our brains’ health.

During Brain Awareness Week, and throughout the year, the goal is to nourish our brains, by eating right, moving more and stimulating our mind – It’s a good time to remind ourselves that there is nothing more important than looking after your brain’s health!