The objectives of the support group are:

1: To provide information and mutual support and encouragement to patients suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) and related facial pain conditions;

2: To promote public and professional awareness of this painful disorder and the modes of treatment available;

3: To encourage research into the causes and treatments for TN and related facial pain conditions

1. Provision of Information and Support

In providing information and support to sufferers, the TN Support Group will ensure:

  • Members are encouraged to share experiences in a non threatening environment at regular meetings to increase all members knowledge on the various medical and surgical treatments;
  • The support and sharing of information and personal experiences will be provided sensitively and with support and empathy to all sufferers whether members or not;
  • The confidentiality and privacy of sufferers are respected;
  • Care is taken to not usurp the role of medical practitioners by providing medical advice. The duty of care to be “above all, do no harm”;
  • That the latest information on research and the effectiveness of various treatments of TN is disseminated to members;
  • Printed matter is up to date and readily available to sufferers;
  • Meetings are conducted in areas with suitable access and privacy and conducted in a manner which encourages the sharing of information and experiences by participants;
  • Newsletters include information shared at meetings for those members unable to attend.

2. Promote Public and Professional Awareness

In promoting awareness, the TN Support Group will ensure:

  • Sufficient up to date printed matter is disseminated to medical practitioners coming in contact with TN and to public areas so that sufferers will have access to information on TN and the Support Group;
  • Maintain an up to date website with information on TN and the treatments available and with Support Group contact details;
  • Utilise community newspapers to promote forthcoming meetings;
  • Encourage newspapers to feature articles on successful treatments of TN and forthcoming addresses by medical practitioners;
  • Utilise membership of the Neurological Council to promote public and professional awareness. For example, active participation at Neurological Expos.
  • Encourage active involvement with the Support Group by medical practitioners specialising in the treatment of TN and related facial pain.

3. Encourage Research

In furthering research in to finding a cure for TN and related facial pain conditions, the Support Group will;

  • Encourage innovative approaches with the medical community to easing the pain of TN sufferers;
  • Within its limited resources, provide financial assistance to accredited facial pain research projects;
  • Encourage members to participate in accredited surveys of TN sufferers.