Guest Speaker Dr Delcanho

We were very lucky to have Dr Robert Delcanho come by at the last meeting, sharing his time from a very pressured pre Christmas schedule. and he had time to answer a few great questions. Everyone was most appreciative of the extremely enlightening, reassuring and enjoyable talk. We are most grateful for his continued support and work in helping TN patients.

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TN Survey

We benefit enormously from research done by TNA in the US. They are conducting a survey which deals with the many aspects of TN and its treatments and we decided it best to let members know how to access the form or send it out with the newsletter. We feel it is important for us to take part in this survey and support and assist with any research TNA are doing. Please try and complete the survey and send it to TNA or The Support Group will forward it on. You can download the survey from TN USA by clicking here.

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Words of Advice

“I’m a 49 year woman who struggled for 13 years with TN before I made my decision to have an MVD. Today I am pain free and medication free. If I had known then, what I know now I would never had lost that much of my precious life. If even one doctor had had the guts and honesty to tell me this would never get better and never go away." Words of advice from TN patients taken from 
TNA Quarterly

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