Meeting held 9 June, 2018

Our warmest thanks to Dr Finch for sharing his precious afternoon with us and a wonderfully informative talk. It was so interesting to learn all about Neuromodulation and how it is proving to be a most effective means of easing the pain of post herpetic neuralgia. Our heartfelt Congratulations on a brilliant career of dedicated work and deep appreciation for the valuable contribution of marvellous research. Dr Finch will be retiring from the operating theatre after August but will still be available to help patients as a Consultant. Our best wishes for a happy future, and even though we…

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Email from Dr Ryan Kennedy

Interesting follow up on his treatment for Antonietta’s TN.  Sympathetic Dominance Antonietta asked me to send you an email to better explain her treatment and why it is working for her. I saw her today and she is now 3 weeks pain free! When I spoke to your group, we talked about the implications subluxation (lack of spinal joint movement) has on afferent and efferent nerve transmission. Essentially, does the brain receive the correct or incorrect information allowing it to construct the most appropriate physiological response for the body. Since speaking with you, I have done further training in…

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Low Saturated Fat Diet

This recently discovered unique food plan has been very successful in stopping TN pain. It has only one requirement, limiting saturated fat (SF) to 10 grams a day. All fats are saturated or unsaturated. Unsaturated fats are very healthy, but mounting evidence points to the excessive SF in the American diet as adversely affecting our health. This fat is typically a solid at room temperature. Examples are: lard, bacon, butter, red meat, shortening, whole milk, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, and almost all pastry. Nuts, coconut, and avocados are considered very healthy, but they’re also high in SF and must…

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Meeting held 26 April 2014 – Guest Speaker

Our Guest Speaker was skilled Neurosurgeon, Associate Professor Dr Steven Lewis. MBBS FRACS Dr Lewis returned to Perth after 11 years of experience in neurosurgery in the UK and USA. It was a wonderfully informative and interesting talk which left us with hope, confidence, and gratitude as he seemed to demystify the daunting prospect of undergoing surgical procedures for the treatment of TN. More info in the June Newsletter

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Community Neurological Nurse

We really appreciated Christina Line taking time to attend the meeting, getting to know members and explaining how she is able to offer assistance to TN sufferers at home with counseling, support and information.  It was asked if it was possible to access the Community Nurse services without having to go through the process of being assessed by HACC. Christine said if it was just counseling and information they could just call or email Christine for assistance at any time. RN
Community Neurological Nurse Neurological Council of WA 11 Aberdare Road Nedlands WA 6009 Telephone: 08 9346 7535  Mobile: 0487…

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TN Survey

We benefit enormously from research done by TNA in the US. They are conducting a survey which deals with the many aspects of TN and its treatments and we decided it best to let members know how to access the form or send it out with the newsletter. We feel it is important for us to take part in this survey and support and assist with any research TNA are doing. Please try and complete the survey and send it to TNA or The Support Group will forward it on. You can download the survey from TN USA by clicking here.

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