Meeting held on 6 Oct 2018

Our Guest Speaker was Leigh Ray owner of Jaw Physio. We really enjoyed and appreciated this lively and enlightening talk and gleaned some very useful tools to help us with our well being and the pain management of our jaw, neck and head problems. Leigh demonstrated her treatment technique on a member which was very gentle and straight forward, certainly most worthwhile trying for any neck, head or jaw problems. More on this in the November newsletter.

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Guest Speaker – Dr Ryan Kennedy

3 June - Grace Vaughan House Dr Ryan Kennedy (Chiropractor) Sympathetic Dominance Information and Protocol Dr Kennedy completed his Masters of Chiropractic from Macquarie University in Sydney. Prior to this he completed an Honours degree in Kinesiology from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. His focus is on correcting spinal misalignment to restore normal neurological function. Chiropractic is very much a lifestyle choice and a key component in achieving and maintaining a high quality of life. We look forward to another enlightening talk and to learn more about this innovative and drug free approach to helping TN and…

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June Meeting

We had a most enlightening talk by Eric Yu from Acupuncture West on  the whole concept of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and how it can improve ones wellbeing and tolerance to help the body deal with TN pain. It improves natural body function and promotes the self healing process. Read more in the August newsletter.

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